Mark is a three-time Emmy Award winning brand strategist and creative director who has for over 20 years led creative campaigns and developed strategic content from Fortune 100 corporations to startups, domestic &international political figures, broadcast television networks, and social awareness programs.

Today, Mark is the President of Beyond Definition, formerly Bates Creative, a boutique brand experience agency that push boundaries for clients on a mission to positively change the world.   With a diverse roster of strategists, designers, developers and outspoken industry thought-leaders we have an established reputation for delivering your story through measured strategy and memorable creative.

Previously Mark founded and led The Gigawatt Group – a CSR focused brand experience agency who crafted sustainable campaigns for national and global brands.  Under Mark’s leadership, The Gigawatt Group grew 300% in under 4 years producing global strategic & creative content for Booz Allen Hamilton, Unisys, McDonalds, FedEx among others.

As the Sr. Creative Director at Proof Integrated Communications in Washington DC, Mark lead large scale communications campaigns for Microsoft, Intel, Raytheon, HP, Accenture, NRG, SONY, Coca-Cola, Telefonica,  The Federal Reserve, Sanofi-Aventis, Barclays, Ford, and Dominion Power among many others.

As Creative Director of Autumn Productions, Mark’s work focused on documentaries including broadcast series for The National Geographic Channel, The Discovery Channel, A&E, BBC America, PBS, ZDTV & TechTv.  At ZDTV Mark and his team were integral to the launch of the network in San Francisco.

Mark produced strategic content and messaging for John Kerry’s Presidential race, alongside media campaigns for Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, & Claire McCaskill.  Mark has also been a professor at San Francisco State University, American University & Towson State University teaching graduate and under graduate classes.

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