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Strengthening Brand Awareness among Audiences


The American Marketing Association, the nation’s largest non-profit association for marketing professionals, underwent a recent rebrand, but lacked a solid marketing rollout plan for its official launch.

The association sought an agency partner to help develop its brand voice and messaging strategy to bring the new brand identity full circle.

AMA partnered with our team to create a comprehensive brand experience for the launch of its new identity through a compelling digital marketing campaign and the development of core messaging for future brand initiatives. Our team came in and analyzed the work AMA did with previous partners and we turned those outcomes into something that was both relevant and focused.


The geo-targeted digital marketing campaign reached marketing professionals across social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and natively across industry digital publications.

The best performing Facebook advertisement generated nearly 47,000 impressions with a 3.20% CTR, 3.5x the industry standard of 0.90%.

In addition to this campaign, our agency has been a go-to partner in working with AMA on developing strategic event marketing concepts for the organization’s national conferences, including the Annual International Collegiate Conference and the Nonprofit Marketing Conference.

Over a four-week period, the campaign drew:


Over 6 million total brand views across all channels


70,000 clicks to the campaign landing page


new Twitter followers

“We had completed a massive amount of customer work that led us to a clarified understanding of what the AMA means to our customers. We felt we had distilled our essence to its most essential form. Beyond Definition came aboard and proved that our insight could be simplified yet more and unlocked our ability to communicate a complex set of offerings in a clear, single-minded campaign that will serve the AMA for years to come.”

— Russ Klein, CEO, American Marketing

Phase 1Marketing Strategy

A marketing roadmap was developed to provide AMA with a path forward to launch its new identity through a nation-wide brand awareness and member acquisition campaign.

Phase 2Creative & Campaign Integration

The digital marketing campaign targeted marketers of all industries, inspiring them to go beyond what they thought they were capable of. Our agency directed an off-site photoshoot to capture inspiring images of real-life AMA members to be used to bring the campaign concept to life across all campaign assets, including: for social media graphics, digital ads and the campaign landing page. The campaign’s creative execution demonstrated the impact an AMA membership can have on a marketer’s professional confidence and career trajectory.