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2020 MX Awards: Best Video Marketing Campaign of the Year

2020 Communicator Awards: Award of Excellence, 395 Express Lanes, Audio (Campaign)

2020 Communicator Awards: Award of Distinction, 395 Express Lanes, Audio (Commercial)

2020 Communicator Awards: Award of Distinction, 395 Express Lanes, Audio (Promotion)

2020 Communicator Awards: Award of Distinction, 395 Express Lanes, Integrated Campaign (B2C)

2020 Communicator Awards: Award of Distinction, 395 Express Lanes, Website (Transportation)

2020 Communicator Awards: Award of Distinction, 395 Express Lanes, Website (Features: Copy or Writing)

Building a Better Brand Experience for Drivers


As one of the world’s leading innovative tolling and transport technology companies, Transurban designed the 495, 95, and 395 Express Lanes in the Washington D.C. metro area with one goal in mind:  to get people where they want to go, as quickly and safely as possible. Along with the physical toll-roads, Transurban runs the Express Lanes website, a crucial destination for drivers who need to pay tolls while serving as a central hub of information about the lanes.

While the Transurban Express Lanes had undergone a refresh, swapping a dated logo for bright colors with modern accents, the brand struggled to create a relatable voice and exciting brand identity to differentiate itself from other toll-road operators in the area. As it was, 495 and 95 Express Lanes information lived under a standalone Express Lanes domain while information about the 395 Express Lanes project lived on a separate website.

Transurban approached Beyond Definition in need of brand and creative strategy, a website redesign, and marketing assets to communicate the new Express Lanes identity across all channels.


Through a reimagined website and interactive launch campaign, our team illustrated what the Express Lanes offers: an easy driving experience that helps people spend less time on the road, and more time where it matters. Beyond Definition worked closely with the Transurban team to cut out complicated messaging and develop a more relatable, straightforward approach to content and design for customers to easily navigate the website, quickly find what they are looking for, and ultimately take a process that’s inherently a ‘pain’ to deal with and make it a positive experience. We wanted Express Lane users to feel a connection to the Express Lanes brand while driving traffic to the redesigned website, which we successfully achieved with the “Expect Better” launch campaign and award-winning “Drive Happy” marketing campaign.


landing page clicks in the first month of paid digital ads


customers on the 395 Express Lanes in its opening week


open rate for launch email announcement

“The Beyond Definition team had quite a challenge to tackle with the Express Lanes website overhaul. The site was not only content heavy, but there is also a very important and somewhat complicated API integration that is critical to our payment process. There were a lot of teams involved to get this website up and running and we were all able to work through the challenges to create a wonderful site. The Beyond Definition team did a great job at bringing our refreshed brand look and feel and tone of voice to life, introducing a more modern, simple brand to customers and greater Washington area drivers. Learning and understanding our business can be challenging in itself, but the team got up to speed and delivered a great site that is more engaging and provides a better customer experience.”


Phase 1 Diagnostics & Discovery

To better understand the Express’ Lanes existing digital presence, Beyond Definition conducted several rounds of research. This process started by diving into their current website and analyzing what users top actions are. Since the 495 and 95 Express Lines lived under a different domain than the 395 Express Lanes, our team executed an in-depth content audit to determine how the websites should be combined into one cohesive site. Our initial discovery  also confirmed that transactional pages were a top priority for the new website, which needed to provide a simple and intuitive process for customers to pay invoices and missed toll trips with ease.

Phase 2 Website Redesign

The website redesign strategy was based on two key goals: speed and efficiency. We wanted to simplify the overall user experience, focusing primarily on educating site visitors and helping them quickly navigate to their desired page. Using the insights identified in phase one, Beyond Definition developed a refreshed IA to serve as the backbone of the new website. In addition, Drupal was selected as the website’s new content management system. As Beyond Definition built out the design for the website, we conducted multiple usability tests to ensure that the new content, design, and structure were aligning with Transurbans vision for the future. We accomplished this by keeping the website visually appealing, but streamlining the content and navigation.

Phase 3 Brand Development

Following the website redesign, Beyond Definition worked with the Transurban team to inject a breath of fresh air into the Express Lanes so it stood out from competing Virginia Express Lanes projects and HOT Lanes. While Transurban had tapped Beyond Definition with a new look and feel in place, their updated visual identity and voice needed to be translated into a public-facing Express Lanes brand that customers could identify with. This required a complete overhaul of the Express Lanes brand experience. We identified that the Express Lanes target audiences are primarily busy professionals who invest in convenience. Beyond Definition used these insights to develop a brand identity that aligned with the on-the-go lifestyle of Express Lanes drivers, focusing on a “less is more approach” by  simplifying content messaging to educate current and future Express Lanes drivers.

Phase 4 Campaign Launch

The “Expect Better” launch campaign built excitement around the Express Lanes new digital identity and laid the foundation for future campaigns to flesh out the brands simple, friendly, and colorful theme. To tease the launch of the new site, the “Expect Better” campaign debuted as a homepage carousel banner on the former Express Lanes website. The campaign worked to generate awareness, educate, and persuade drivers to choose the 395 Express Lanes when they opened in November 2019. The integrated awareness campaign included placements spanning the Nationals Stadium, Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, WMATA buses and bus shelters, the Washington Post, display and search, social media, iHeartRadio spots, and interactive content on the Express Lanes website. Each placement reached potential Express Lane drivers, to inform them of the new lanes that could make their day easier. The idea was to highlight the convenience factor for everyday drivers who were tired of commuting in the congested DC-metro area.

"Expect Better" Digital Ad Campaign

"Why worry? Drive Happy" Campaign Social Media Examples

"Why Worry? Drive Happy" Campaign - Nationals Park Billboard

"Why Worry? Drive Happy" Campaign - Bus Ad

"Why Worry? Drive Happy" Campaign - Digital Ad Samples

Phase 5 Creative, Marketing, and Awareness

As part of the larger awareness campaign, Beyond Definition created several flights of marketing and branded content to shift the focus to direct conversions once the 395 Express Lanes were open. With the driving message of “Why worry? Drive happy,” Beyond Definition created a video series featuring custom-illustrated and animated videos that range from :30 to 2:00. Each video featured a target audience person, reflecting a “day in the life” of this persona and how the 395 Express Lanes will benefit their busy and on-the-go lifestyle. All of the videos take a similar approach of positioning the 395 Express Lanes as a travel option that’s giving you time back, enabling you to show up and not miss those moments that matter. The video series was published on the Express Lanes website and was shared across social media channels. It was tied into the overarching 395 Express Lanes launch campaign, which garnered 227,433 customers driving on the 395 Express Lanes in its first week upon opening.