1 Minute Marketing Advice: Can You Say It Better?

The secret to better content? Brevity.

Being clear and concise without sacrificing quality. That’s it, that’s the not-so-secretive secret.

Forget the latest and greatest social media platforms, new tips and tricks, and emerging trends for a moment––let’s get back to basics.

One thing you can do right now that is proven to boost engagement with your audiences and takes minimal effort: revisit and rework your content. 

How? Simple. Keep reading.

Think about what you gravitate towards as a reader. It’s normally not a long paragraph, with a lot of content, commas, punctuation, back story information that trails and on and on. See? Have I lost you yet? For those of you who skim articles, something really valuable could have been in this last sentence, and guess what? Most readers don’t read this far within a paragraph, that great information is now lost.

Our eyes naturally gravitate toward shorter lines of content like this one.

Better yet? A list like this one:

  • Break up your content with a really great finding here.
  • Better yet? Bold the important stuff. And add supporting information here.
  • Don’t overuse bullets though, we want this content to stand out, not blend.
  • Stick to 3-5 bullets before going back to plain text copy.

Think you can do better? You can. Break up text-heavy content with a static photo or better yet, a video.

If you’re a real pro, keep those videos under 30 seconds. The rule of thumb is to keep the most important information in the first 5 seconds of your video––people drop off after that.

We have short attention spans, and there’s a lot of noise competing for our attention.

Make your content stand out.

See how much you absorbed in this 1-minute blog post?

You work hard to produce content that’s helpful for your audiences. Make it work harder for you using these tips.

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Jenna Lally

As Marketing Strategist, Jenna crafts customized digital marketing strategies and cross-channel content to connect with diverse audiences.

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