1 Minute Marketing Advice: Don’t Dismiss New Social Platforms

We’ve heard of these big social media platforms––Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Chances are, you’re using one or all of them to push your brand to target audiences.

Maybe you’re really comfortable with social media and are on YouTube or even Pinterest.

But, how about these newer platforms?

  • Clubhouse. The invite-only chat app that lets anyone listen into conversations legally––an audio-only app that’s basically having an exclusive, unedited listen-in to podcast-style discussions.
  • TikTok. The video-sharing social network that features short, fun, and trending content that’s anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds––it’s the place to get discovered, no matter who you are or what brand you represent.
  • Twitch. The world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers––it’s live entertainment where you can watch gamers in real-time mixed with IM, instant messaging, where you can chat with millions of active users around the world.

No? Yes? Heard of them but maybe you’re thinking things like:

  • “Our demographic isn’t on there”
  • “I can’t figure out how to use it”
  • “I have no idea how to make good video content”
  • “It doesn’t make sense for us to invest time there”

Well, news flash: anyone can use these platforms. It doesn’t cost a cent, and all it will cost you is a few minutes of learning how to use the platform.

The risk? A few minutes a day spent creating content, a few hours a week at most.

The reward? A chance to gain brand recognition and exposure among new audiences you haven’t been able to reach due to algorithm updates on the big social media platforms you’re familiar with.

New social platforms emerging shouldn’t be overwhelming. Look at it as an opportunity. A chance to reach new audiences.

In today’s environment, we have to stay nimble. Be willing to change things up and shake up your social strategy.

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Jenna Lally

As Marketing Strategist, Jenna crafts customized digital marketing strategies and cross-channel content to connect with diverse audiences.

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