1 Minute Marketing Advice: Hosting a Highly Engaging Clubhouse Session

Clubhouse is heating up in the marketing world––but how do you host a session people stay in and engage with for hours? While the audio platform is still invite-only, it’s experiencing huge growth.

As we’ve learned from using the platform and attending webinars, knowing how to moderate a Clubhouse room is going to be an important part of your organization’s marketing strategy. So, if you’re new to the platform or wondering how to host an engaging Clubhouse session, here are a few of the best practices we recommend:

Give Your Room A Compelling Title 

A great title will attract people beyond your traditional audience. It’s the same tactic used for webinars and events. The main difference is, Clubhouse offers the potential of a much bigger audience.

This includes writing an interesting bio/description so people tempted to click your image.

Prepare Like You’re Hosting An Open Forum

There are infinite possibilities when it comes to running a room, managing topics, and driving the attendee experience. One option is to think of a Clubhouse session like a town hall or open forum. Prepare for potential questions you might get, open the stage to your audience, and take a moment to introduce speakers.

Leading us into the next suggestion…

Bring Other Speakers As Guests 

Each new guest speaker may bring their own audience. More importantly, invite speakers who have relevant expertise.

Remind Listeners to “Hit the + Button”

Don’t go overboard, but remind your audience several times throughout the session to invite friends and coworkers who would find the conversation interesting. This is the best way to grow your room.

Switch Up Your Pacing

Pivot between longer conversations and quick informative “lightning rounds” making sure attendees get a lot of value in little time.

Routinely Recap For New Listeners 

To make sure new attendees aren’t lost in the discussion, take a pause in between topics to reinform the audience and let them know what is being covered and why it’s beneficial to them.

Integrate Clubhouse Into Other Marketing Efforts 

Clubhouse, like other touchpoints, should exist as part of your larger strategy. Why do you think Clubhouse is a good platform to test?

Need help answering this question? Reach out to our team and join the Club.

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