1 Minute Marketing Advice: The Power of an Agency Perspective

In 1957, amateur novelist Harper Lee submitted a manuscript to her editor Tay Hohoff. The editor was receptive of Lee’s work, but said it felt more like a “series of anecdotes than a fully conceived novel.” Lee’s intention was to publish what she had delivered. We can assume a lot of time and effort went into her manuscript. Yet, she was told it wasn’t good enough.

These are the moments that define history.

Do you slam your first down in anger and reject the advice? Or do you have curiosity and an open mind to what’s possible?

Luckily, Harper Lee listened and took the latter route.

Over two years and many rewrites later, Lee developed an entirely new plot while retaining her voice. The final novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, became a transformational piece in American literature. Lee’s original manuscript Go Set a Watchman was published fifty years later, proving Hohoff was right. You won’t find it in many high school classrooms.

This is the power of a second opinion.

Writers have editors. Musicians have producers. Athletes have coaches.

What do brands have? Agencies.

Sometimes when people are so close to their own team and organization, it can be hard to see the current limitations, pending challenges, and potential opportunities.

Agencies provide the experience and perspective to see objectively. We’re the missing link to take your brand where it needs to go. To define what’s next.

So, if you’re looking to go beyond what you’ve traditionally achieved, give us a call. Maybe this will be your defining moment.

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