Going Beyond with Black & Decker: Adapting to the At Home Experience

Are brands prepared for the accelerated shift to digital?

From cooking to cleaning to DIY projects, people are doing everything from the safety of their home. Brands not only need to react to this shift but strategize for the future. Michael Barnett, brand manager at Black & Decker, believes the answer lies in Black & Decker’s distribution strategy. Content has always been king – but as Michael sees it, distribution is now King Kong.

Watch the episode below to learn how Black & Decker is staying ahead of the innovation curve along with commentary about what brands in his industry are doing to shift their priorities.


Going Beyond is a personable, timely, informative, and (sometimes) funny episodic live stream that will peel back the curtain for our audience to learn about what brands are doing to stay ahead of the curve, from the inside out. Through this series, we will explore the challenges, opportunities, ideas, and innovations driving our industry forward in 2020 and beyond alongside passionate brand leaders in technology, higher education, healthcare, non-profits, and a variety of different industries.

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