Before & After: SACUBO Brand Identity

The Southern Association of College and University Business Officers (SACUBO), has been informing higher education institutions in the southern region of the United States of the latest in professional development in the southern region of the United States since 1928.

As one of four regional associations that constitute the National Association of College and University Business Officers, SACUBO aims to foster, develop and promote breakthrough practices in the business and financial management of colleges and universities.

As SACUBO is growing to accommodate more than 680 higher education institutions, its board of directors sought to advance its brand to mirror the steady growth of the association. The committee unanimously agreed there are four keywords that authentically embody what the brand stands for: innovate, educate, advocate and lead. However, its former brand identity fell short of accurately representing the organization’s progressive positioning. That’s where we came in.

Sacubo Branding

Before Redesign

After Redesign

Beyond Definition, formerly Bates Creative, understood that SACUBO sought for its new logo to preserve its past traditions while setting it up for the future of higher education.

At first glance, the redesigned logo is bold and structured with its san serif type lockup and warm color palette. But it’s the new subtle nuances that tell SACUBO’s story in a way that its former design did not communicate.

Dressed in red, white and gray, the logo’s color palette is a reflection of the brick and mortar of SACUBO’s member institutions. The logomark itself is designed as an ascending staircase to nod to SACUBO’s forward progress in higher education. Look a little closer and you’ll see how the crisp white edge defining the staircase forms the letter “S” to represent the association’s southern region. Much like SACUBO’s tools and programs, members can feel more confident in advancing their associations to the next level with SACUBO.

Our team completed the transformation by designing SACUBO’s business cards, brand style guide, and stationery kit to complete its new visual brand identity. Its reimagined look brings new life to its 89-year old association.

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