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I believe in life, and in business, there is always an opportunity to move forward. To be adaptable in the face of uncertainty. To be flexible in navigating challenges. To embrace every opportunity that presents itself.

Today, Beyond Definition is making another one of those moves forward as we join Yes&, a Washington, DC Area-based marketing agency. But, before talking about the future, it’s important to me, that you understand our past. This journey started eighteen years ago as Bates Creative Group. We were a small team of creatives and designers driven by a mission and a passion for our work.

I am incredibly proud of the team we built, but I always knew we could achieve more. So, in 2018, Mark DeVito joined as President. Together, we reimagined and rebranded the agency as Beyond Definition. This name represented our commitment to going above and beyond for clients. It was an identity our team could proudly and boldly stand behind. For clients, it meant taking them beyond what they’d traditionally achieved by creating an audience-first strategy to move their mission forward. To solve their biggest pain points by thinking outside the box, and then some.

Obviously, there were speed bumps. Running a small agency for so long takes its toll – Creatively. Professionally. Personally. Yet, it can also be incredibly rewarding. As we turn to the next chapter for Beyond Definition, I can’t help but think about those little moments that continued to fuel our passion over the years. Thousands of brainstorms, strategy calls, happy hours, laughs…and even roller skating in the office. Hundreds of clients served and industry awards received. Dozens of employees who believed in our collective mission to be an agency for what’s next.

We are BEYOND DEFINITION. And, today I’m proud to announce that we’re gaining the power of &. It’s rare to be acquired by an organization that so perfectly shares your mission, vision, and values. And that’s exactly what made this partnership with Yes& the logical next step in our agency’s existence. Now, we can do what we’ve always promised clients: to, go beyond what they thought was possible with more brainpower, more expertise, more resources, culminating in deeper knowledge & insights for everyone we work with.

To our clients and community, don’t worry, it’s business as usual – just better. To the employees who joined us along the way, past and present, thank you. For everything.

Mark and I will be joining the executive team at Yes& alongside several brilliant, creative minds to help shape the collective future of our new agency.

So, I look forward to making new memories, having some fun, & seeing what we can accomplish with the merging of ideas & perspectives & people.

Talk soon,
– Debbie Bates-Schrott

To learn more about this announcement from Yes&, read on here

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Debbie Bates-Schrott

Debbie Bates-Schrott, Founder and CEO of Beyond Definition, has 25+ years of experience in branding, print and digital and marketing strategies. Her visionary perspective on cutting edge brand experience initiatives positions the Beyond Definition team as growing thought leaders in the media landscape.

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