Going Beyond with Philippa Hughes: Building Relationships in a Remote World

How do you have authentic conversations in a remote world?

Philippa Hughes is on a mission is to connect people who would not normally meet in meaningful, dialogue. She sculpts spaces for curious people to ask questions, listen, and talk to each other. Through art, Phillipa explores raw, genuine relationship-building experiences.

In this episode we discuss an important and incredibly relevant topic for brands everywhere: how do you build relationships in a remote world? I’m sure you have seen this topic covered over and over again during the pandemic. But we can guarantee no one has covered it like our guest today.

About Going Beyond

Going Beyond is a personable, timely, informative, and (sometimes) funny episodic live stream that will peel back the curtain for our audience to learn about what brands are doing to stay ahead of the curve, from the inside out. Through this series, we will explore the challenges, opportunities, ideas, and innovations driving our industry forward in 2020 and beyond alongside passionate brand leaders in technology, higher education, healthcare, non-profits, and a variety of different industries.

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