Inspiring Hope Through Design for Bainum Family Foundation

The Bainum Family Foundation has an inspiring story to tell. Founded in 1968 by Stewart Bainum, the organization helps children overcome poverty by providing educational opportunities to pave the way for lifelong success. The 2015 US Census brought to light that 21% of all American children live in poverty. That’s 15 million children. It is at the heart of The Bainum Family Foundation’s vision to help children break the bonds of their circumstances by placing their dreams within reach.

The child is at the center of everything the Foundation does. Through its research and initiatives, the Foundation learned that the first three years of a child’s life reflect the most critical time for brain development. So, for the past 50 years, the Foundation has and continues to nurture this development phase with high-quality early learning and support.

The Bainum Family Foundation tapped Beyond Definition, formerly Bates Creative, to capture the brand’s story, purpose and impact in the design of its 2016/2017 Bainum Family Foundation Year in Review. The Review’s theme “Stronger Systems, Sustainable Solutions” guides readers through a narrative explaining how through systems change, sustainable solutions can be created.

Sustaining a Story through Design

The Bainum Family Foundation works largely in Wards 7 and 8 in Washington, D.C. Its audience includes partners—schools and community nonprofit organizations—along with the community at large. The Year in Review’s concise content, provided by The Bainum Foundation, shares the successes and strengths from the past year while maintaining a focus on healthy, flourishing children.

Story 1: The Birth-to-Three System

Story 2: Food Security

Story 3: School-Based Mental Health

Story 4: Seventh-Day Adventist Education

Beyond Definition paired the content with a vibrant, photo-driven design. Our agency visualized the stories with images of children aging from birth to 3rd grade in a nurturing and educational environment. From toddlers stacking blocks to adults cheering on a child’s next steps, the photographs add emotion to the design.

Beyond Definition designed infographics around photographs of the children to reinforce how everything The Bainum Family Foundation does is for the greater good of children. To pair with the youthful happiness of children, bright colors welcome readers with a visually inviting energy that focuses on positivity, growth and progress.

We continue to work with the Bainum Family Foundation to expand its mission-focused brand in the Washington, D.C. Metro community and beyond. To view the complete design of the 2016/2017 Bainum Family Foundation Year in Review, visit its website.

This article was written by Danielle Moore.

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