Going Beyond with Hancock Lumber: Leading Without A Voice

How do you lead one of America’s oldest companies without a voice?

That’s a challenge Kevin Hancock, CEO of Hancock Lumber had to overcome after he acquired a rare neurological voice disorder called Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD) in 2010. Kevin has is a story and a vision that he hopes will change the trajectory of traditional work culture and leadership from the top-down. Following frequent visits to the remote Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, Kevin found a community that did not feel their voices were fully heard. This led him on a mission stretching from the Arizona desert to Kiev, Ukraine to establish a new set of leadership principles that he could believe in and share.

Now his goal is “to create a socially transformative work culture for the 21st Century.” Kevin will make you re-think the culture, perception, and marketing of your brand, whether it is one hundred years old or founded yesterday.

About Going Beyond

Going Beyond is a personable, timely, informative, and (sometimes) funny episodic live stream that will peel back the curtain for our audience to learn about what brands are doing to stay ahead of the curve, from the inside out. Through this series, we will explore the challenges, opportunities, ideas, and innovations driving our industry forward in 2020 and beyond alongside passionate brand leaders in technology, higher education, healthcare, non-profits, and a variety of different industries.

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