Relationship Advice: Brand Edition

It’s not always love at first sight when it comes to your new brand.

I have seen it time and again with clients as we are developing a new brand. They have an idea that the new brand is going to immediately take their breath away. I  even hear the phrase, “I’ll know it when I see it”. As much as I would love for this to be the truth, we at Beyond Definition know this isn’t always the case

In reality, settling on a new brand takes an immense amount of time and commitment from your internal teams. We work with many associations and organizations with complex boards. They have a difficult path ahead when it comes to getting all stakeholders involved and on board with the process and new brand.

Not to mention, rebranding a company can come with a whole lot of baggage. People develop emotional attachments to the companies and organizations that they work for, work with, and belong to, often feeling that rebranding will lose that emotional attachment. These are all things we take into consideration when we are developing a new brand. But what people often forget is that a new brand can help those same people rekindle their love for the organization.

Our team goes through a rigorous process of brainstorming names and logos to share with our clients to bring the best possible options to the table. When those thoroughly vetted solutions don’t blow away a client on the first pass, we’re not surprised. They often ask for additional rounds of names, logos, or are interested to see the ones that didn’t make the cut. More times than not, they come back to a brand that was presented in the first batch after they had more time to sit with the new brand.

Think of it as if you were tasked with renaming yourself. That would be a pretty difficult task, right? You identify so strongly with your name that it defines who you are. As someone who recently changed their last name because I got married, it’s weird and exciting all at the same time! It takes a while to truly take ownership of that new name but after you get used to it it will feel like it was meant to be.

Patience truly is the key when it comes to your new brand. Try it on, take it for a ride, and we promise you will grow to love it.

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Kate Beacom

Account Executive Kate Struthers leads Beyond Definition's clients in the development and execution of successful brand-centric and integrated campaigns.

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