Remix Your Association Marketing Strategy with ClubHouse

Clubhouse Brief:

  • Now is an ideal time to take your marketing beyond Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • “The most high-profile of recent social media apps, this tool features breezy audio conversation, creating a level of intimacy missing from large social networks.”
  • Clubhouse is quickly growing and providing more opportunities for brands to create thought leadership content, add a lead generation touchpoint, expand marketing efforts to new audiences, and get creative with social media.
  • Association brands should consider Clubhouse to make up for a loss of event networking and to drive stronger connections with members in virtual environments.

Clubhouse is getting a lot of hype right now.

Initially launched as an exclusive audio platform targeting celebrities, Clubhouse has quickly expanded––and many brands are taking notice. Restaurant Brands International hosted an “Open Kitchen” call with CEO José Cil in February. By hosting this call on Clubhouse, marketing professionals and consumers could “sit in a room” with Cil and have a conversation.

Here’s what Cil said about the opportunity: “If we open up to our investors and business media every 3 months for financial results, why not do the same with other people who might be interested?”

Aside from RBI, other brands in beauty, tech, and fashion have been making moves to host Clubhouse sessions and partner with platform influencers. Brands are also beginning to sponsor rooms. Bite Toothpaste recently sponsored a room where the company’s founders shared their founding story and gathered approximately 30 new customers.

Why Associations Should Consider Clubhouse

Clubhouse combines elements of chat rooms, conference calls, podcasts, and apps like Houseparty.

Where a Tweet or Instagram post hits your target’s eyes for a moment, a Clubhouse session can last for much longer. Angel investor Jin Yu says some users spend upwards of eight hours on the platform.

While still an invite-only platform, Clubhouse creates a level of intimacy missing from large social networks. For associations looking to strengthen direct lines of communication with their members, Clubhouse offers a low-cost, high reward channel. Your members will certainly appreciate the freedom Clubhouse sessions provide and the emphasis on having real-time conversations. Because it’s audio-only, speakers on Clubhouse don’t feel manufactured like pre-recorded webinars and presentations. Plus, you can choose to have users talk and contribute or just listen in.

One of the biggest challenges associations faced during the pandemic was a loss of networking. In fact, attendee evaluations for many virtual conferences proved peer interactions are a growing concern during the shift to digital.

What if your association held breakout rooms on Clubhouse during a conference where members chat in small groups with a moderator? Better yet, what if you hosted an entire event on Clubhouse? Users could join different conversations on different topics and dip in and out of panel discussions without disrupting the host. Think of the engagement metrics you could collect for free––which topics are resonating, how long users are listening to specific speakers, the content listeners are engaging with most.

Integrating Clubhouse Into Your Marketing Plan

Clubhouse is a hybrid tactic of sorts, sitting somewhere between a social network and brand awareness campaign. You can either leverage it as one-off sessions with interesting partners or association executives, as an ongoing piece of marketing content covering different topics, or as part of a larger event.

Another option is to encourage your association department heads to join Clubhouse rooms and request to go “on stage” in sessions hosted by someone else. By entering industry-relevant rooms, your brand can establish trust and credibility with current and potential members. This is a fantastic way to build thought equity for your audience and contribute organically to conversations around your business.

Like any new tactic or touchpoint, Clubhouse should go through the necessary vetting process to determine if it’s the right fit. This is why we always recommend associations create a marketing roadmap to better understand who your target audience is, why you’re targeting them, and which tactics are most effective in getting them to take action.

For brands who are almost (but not quite) satisfied with their marketing and can’t figure out what they’re doing wrong, a marketing roadmap can help you reach your full potential. Learn how we developed a comprehensive roadmap for the NACS Foundation centered on growing support for the brand as part of a 5-year rollout plan.

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