Staying Connected During COVID-19: Morning Routine Recommendations for Marketers at Home

“Lose an hour in the morning, and you will spend all day looking for it.”

Marketing in 2020 has arguably become a subjective term. At any organization, the skill set required and tasks being assigned to a marketer can range from copywriting to marketing automation to strategy to communications and on the list goes. According to the American Marketing Association, “Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.” Essentially, savvy marketers need to have a variety of different proficiencies in their back pocket to excel.

With days that are so diverse, fast-paced, and unique, the concept of working from home for weeks as a marketing professional can present a daunting challenge. On the one hand, you have the freedom to get up and grab a snack between meetings or segment your day into blocks to avoid mental fatigue. However, this lifestyle can also be complex. New remote workers of all levels are learning how to deal with different problems on their own while trying to make the most of whatever workspace they have. But, as we mentioned in an earlier post, change is necessary for growth and development. So, we’ll start by breaking down the foundation of a productive marketing day in quarantine.

Here are a few tips from our team to make your mornings a little more streamlined, and maybe even enjoyable.

Read Your Feed

Agile marketers have their finger on the pulse of innovation. And the only way to accomplish this is through education and by listening to what your audience is saying online. Wake up each morning, grab a cup of coffee, and read through social media channels by searching for different hashtags, swiping through comments on your own pages and on competitor pages, signing up for informative webinars, and figuring out what your audience wants to hear.

Not only will this help you become more informed about what’s going on in your industry, but it will also keep you in sync with the people who support your brand. Reading your feed in the morning is a great way to boost creativity while igniting new ideas that can bring about real change based on the insights you gather.

Schedule Time To Connect

While in-person interactions are limited, and in most cases non-existent, it can be beneficial to schedule morning “face time” with team members throughout the week. Marketers have a natural inclination to be connectors and communicators, and scheduling time to connect will keep synergy high. COVID-19 has made it hard to see team members physically, but we have plenty of options to interact virtually with Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, and more.

It doesn’t have to be anything formal and can simply be a quick status update on projects.

Simplify Headaches

This is more of a preventative piece of advice that will save time and energy. One of the most difficult transitions many remote marketers have to face is their technology setup at home. Unreliable internet connection, cluttered workstations, and dropped video conferences can wreak havoc on productivity. Sure, one day everything seems like it’s going great. And then the next, your building loses power. Or someone trips on your ethernet cord. Or your laptop charger breaks.

Why cause yourself any extra headaches?

Try taking a “less is more” approach to technology. Use the hardware and software that you are comfortable with and know how to navigate. Avoid downloading a bunch of new programs and integrating pieces of technology into your setup that will only complicate things down the line. Nobody wants to wake up in the morning to deal with a massive technology headache.

Begin Planning The Night Before

It can be advantageous to actually kick-off your mornings the night before. Develop a list of actionable objectives, organize notes, and complete any research you need for the following day’s tasks. This way, you can get off to a fast, productive start, rather than spinning your wheels for an hour in the morning trying to get organized.

Time is a marketer’s best friend and worst enemy. We are continually working against deadlines while trying to develop engaging content before anyone else. The ability to be malleable and respond in real-time makes all the difference. Therefore, getting the little things out of the way that draw your focus in different directions can make a huge impact.

Complete One Essential Task Upon Waking Up

There is something to be said about checking off an item from your master list every morning. As we said earlier, a marketer’s day involves a diverse set of projects leaning on a variety of different skills. The sooner you can get into the mindset of finishing things in the morning, the better. It could be as simple as drinking a tall glass of water, making your bed, or sending out an exploratory “good morning” message to your team. When working from home, this can become even more essential since you aren’t physically leaving, which at least creates a mental barrier between work and home life.

Some marketers even prefer to complete their most essential project first thing in the morning. A lot of people have a tendency to work on the fourth or fifth most important task every day, and then never get back around to finishing what’s most important.

One Last Thing: Don’t Stray Too Far Beyond The Norm

What did the average morning look like before quarantine?While you’re working from home, reattach to your work by starting each day in a similar fashion as you would going into the office. It can start to feel rudimentary and painstaking if everyday molds into one long slog of work. Try and bring back the feeling of “leaving for work” to mentally prepare in the mornings.

As COVID-19 pushes teams into remote, virtual workspaces, our “Staying Connected During COVID-19” series is here to help. Let’s commit to keeping ourselves, our families, and our communities safe, one step at a time. Follow us for tips on how we can further your mission together.

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