The Ultimate Guide to an Association Rebrand

Let’s not beat around the bush: Rebranding can be risky. Without the data and proper strategy to support a full spectrum rebrand, your association could alienate members and waste a big chunk of change. 

However, when done correctly, a rebrand can position your association to better communicate with members, build a stronger visual identity, align your magazine, marketing, and brand strategy, and attract new audiences. 

Should your organization consider a rebrand? How do you get the conversation started? What are the different phases of a rebrand? How have other organizations navigated this process? 

Our team has led dozens of organizations through this process, successfully navigating some of the most difficult challenges a brand can face. Below we’ve collected our best insights, case studies, and webinars to answer your questions and help guide your thinking. 

  • Before doing anything, your brand has to pick the right agency for your needs. Here’s why case studies are the perfect tool for finding your agency match along with a cheat-sheet to use when analyzing an agency case study. 
  • After three decades as the Organization for International Investment, OFII evolved into the Global Business Alliance (GBA). Our team developed a new name, logo, marketing roadmap, and engagement campaign to introduce a rebranded OFII to the marketplace. Read the case study.
  • AUTM partnered with our team to reimagine its brand and create a new identity that reflected a modern narrative on what the organization represents. This case study is a must read for associations with many sub-chapters. 
  • Renaming your organization can be one of the most challenging, significant, and scary things your brand may ever go through. Whether your old name has grown obsolete through business shifts, mergers, acquisitions, competitors, or lack of engagement, odds are you’re considering a renaming because of significant pressures — internal or external. Our Director of Strategy, Alex Blair, breaks down how to get a rename done right (and not mess it up).
  • While it may seem like getting consensus on the decision to rebrand was a challenge in and of itself, your work to gain buy-in is just getting started. Our Director of Marketing, Amanda McCarthy, explains how and why internal alignment is critical to your brands longevity. 

If you’re considering a rebrand, you’re also likely thinking about marketing, messaging, and creative.

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