Uniting 54,000 Active Members in 130 Countries

Merging the corrosion prevention industry’s two leading organizations. A new name, brand, and visual identity representing over 54,000 active members in 130 countries.

NACE and SSPC are now AMPP: The Association for Materials Protection and Performance. Its brand strategy, visual identity, and launch campaign had an incredible response with the new organization’s transition team, board, and members. The AMPP brand was strategically designed to convey a sense of protection, strength, innovation, and energy on a global scale.

AMPP now has an established foundation to advance the corrosion prevention and coatings industries through member and workforce education, technological innovation, and global standardization. Most importantly, corrosion industry professionals are standing behind their new brand, together.

Watch the full story of AMPP: Association for Materials Protection and Performance below.

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