Welcome To ‘Going Beyond,’ A New Series Hosted By Beyond Definition

We’ve been navigating our new normal together through “Staying Connected During COVID-19”, a blog series offering ideas, tools, and real conversation to inspire and inform mission-driven organizations. As of April, our team has written over 15 articles to try and cover as many topics as possible. Today, we’re announcing a new chapter in this journey, bringing these conversations into a video format.

Welcome to “Going Beyond”, a timely, informative, and often humorous episodic show that peels back the curtain on our industry in the world of digital marketing and communications. Join host Mark DeVito, President of Beyond Definition, as we explore the challenges, opportunities, ideas, and innovations driving our industry forward in 2020 and beyond alongside passionate brand leaders in technology, higher education, healthcare, non-profits, and more. One day, you might hear from the VP of Marketing at a world-renowned brand. The next it could be a documentarian or local business owner.

This avenue will offer you a whole new way to connect with the creative community and hopefully bring about real ideas that make real impacts. Episode one of “Going Beyond” premieres Thursday, May 28th, on our YouTube channel.

Here’s what you can expect.

Episode 01: A Look Inside the Restaurant Industry with Michelle Wildman, Owner of Steelfire Kitchen & Bar

Michelle Wildman joins host Mark DeVito on the first episode of “Going Beyond”, taking you inside the restaurant industry during COVID-19. Learn how restaurants like Steelfire are adapting during the crisis and what Michelle is doing to uphold brand awareness while helping the local community. To continue going beyond with us, stay in the loop on upcoming episodes by clicking here or visiting

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