Whether It’s Salt or Marketing, Sometimes Less Is More

Should Morton Salt ever consider a rebrand, we’ve got the perfect line of microcopy to emblazon on its packaging.

Less is more. 

Have you ever made the mistake of oversalting your food? Maybe your significant other forgot to tighten the shaker top and a sea of white decorates your $40 filet mignon. It’s usually a tragic (but preventable) mess.

Well, like salt, sometimes less is more in marketing.

Take a look at the “No B.S.” campaign for RXBar.

RX Bar Poster

Five bold, white words dare the viewer to read the sub-copy below. Featured on a bright backdrop that can only be described as “pinkberry” colored, the advertisement is uncomplicated like the product.


We’ve worked with dozens of clients writing creative and captivating words that ignite emotion in their readers. Simple, clear, and honest always wins. As David Ogilvy would tell his copywriters when they wanted to use a fancy word…

“Get on the bus. Go to Iowa. Stay on a farm for a week and talk to the farmer. Come back to New York by train and talk to your fellow passengers in the day-coach. If you still want to use the word, go ahead.”

But this style of marketing can be very difficult. How do you convey so much information, emotion, and thought into a single campaign?

Check back in next week for part two where we answer this question.

P.S. Don’t be salty we’re making you wait. As a thank you, here’s some free afternoon reading material on the house.

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