Why Every Organization Can Benefit From A Workshop

The strong, memorable and trustworthy brands of today stand out among other organizations through smart differentiation and positioning strategies that make sense to today’s audience. A best practice to build your brand can be realized through Beyond Definition’s interactive brand positioning workshops. Full of customized exercises and research, brand workshops help key leaders roll up their sleeves and explore the core of their brand positioning.

How does your brand relevance echo internally and translate externally to your key audiences? Do you deliver on your brand promise? What makes a value proposition strong? How should or does this cascade through everything that you do and say about your brand?

Here at Beyond Definition, we believe workshops, led with expertise and informed by critical thinking, are an important component of a discovery and diagnostic process that helps our clients begin to answer those questions.

Why is a workshop beneficial to a brand?

Workshops aren’t a one-size-fits-all offering. We go beyond ordinary templates, and start with a blank slate to study each organization’s brand, craft, strengths, and challenges. No two organizations are the same, which means our approach to workshops are always uniquely tailored to fit your needs, whether you’re an association, nonprofit, or business. A workshop can be the catalyst in a brand positioning process–-it surfaces solutions and findings among an organization’s internal and/or external teams through a collaborative and interactive experience. You know your organization’s brand best, but by bringing in unbiased third-party perspectives, you’re able to reflect and react to brand perceptions. Workshops are the fusion of our expertise and your institutional knowledge. Together, we’ll help you uncover your brand’s defining edge.

Case Study: George Mason University’s Workshop

George Mason University, a young, reputable public research university, was in search of a clear brand story that speaks to its diverse audiences from around the world. Mason’s leadership was looking for a way to communicate its esteem without compromising its relevance and relatability with its diverse student body. Our team dug deep to extract its brand values, beliefs, and a clear persona to inform a cohesive story that speaks to the Mason brand of today and beyond.


Mason asked us to help aid its bottom-line challenges: a need to clearly define the essence of who they are and establish a brand position that’s authentic to who they are, what they do, and where they’re headed.

What We Did

We took the university’s mission and created an interactive experience for organizational leaders to marry the school’s values and brand messaging with a customized workshop. Our questions were tailored to meet the end goal: discovering a cohesive Mason story to align both internally and externally, as well as regionally and nationally.

Workshops Help Take Your Organization Beyond its Current Positioning

Our Beyond Definition team welcomes the opportunity to be part of your brand discovery and diagnostic process through customized workshop exercises and more. We believe this upfront and foundational strategy exercised during our diagnostic process will help create a lasting partnership where we continue to work together to finesse all subsequent aspects of your brand. With our team’s expertise in brand strategy as well as associations, foundations, and nonprofits, we want to help you leverage that knowledge and be the building block to reach your organization’s full potential.

Our custom workshop approach explored the following aspects of the Mason brand:

  • Differentiators – what truly sets Mason apart from competitors
  • Brand Perception – what people think and feel about Mason
  • Brand Persona – Mason’s brand personality—both the positive and negative traits
  • Brand Values – Mason’s core pillars—the attributes that should come through in everything Mason does

After completing the series of exercises in the workshop, our team analyzed the findings and crafted a strategically-guided Brand Positioning Findings & Recommendations Report that the Mason team can refer to help guide future brand and marketing initiatives.

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