1 Minute Marketing Advice: You Can’t Grow With Just One Channel, Here’s Why

Maybe you work for a small organization with limited manpower. Email marketing is your best bet to reach your audience consistently. Or maybe you’re a big organization that has seen great growth on LinkedIn and you’ve stuck to that strategy.

Here’s the problem. Channels and platforms evolve. What works today may change tomorrow. 

It’s only a matter of time before your marketing strategy plateaus—new channel strategies and optimization of current strategies are necessary for consistent growth.

Is your inner skeptic questioning this? So was mine. But, history shows it’s true. 

Let’s take a look at a few marketing channels and platforms. The good ones evolve, changing the way how organizations reach users.

Let’s start with Facebook.
When Facebook started, small businesses were able to organically reach new visitors within the news feed, growing their page likes by the thousands.

Now, that’s almost impossible to do without some paid component. The current algorithm has been updated so many times, and while there are still workarounds, it doesn’t place business profiles in our newsfeed anymore.

Or, how about SEO?
The trick to good SEO used to be keyword-heavy content––writers used to plug in the same keyword as many times as possible to rank well on search engines.

Today, Google looks to meaning and value when ranking content, rather than matching keywords.

Even email has changed. 
The first email blast was sent in 1978 by a Digital Equipment Corporation to nearly 400 users. Guess what? It resulted in $13 million in sales.

Today, we have spam and other clutter in our inboxes. We’re all trying to stand out in a sea of emails. This is where optimizations like personalization and A/B testing comes into play.

If your current marketing strategy works now, I’m not saying it won’t work in the future.

I am saying your current strategy, if left untouched, won’t help you grow.

In a world of constantly evolving channels and new platforms, it’s in your best interest to be opportunistic––seize new opportunities on new platforms and optimize current channels to maximize growth.

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