Your Brand Needs Therapy

Brand strategy is a little like therapy. A good therapist doesn’t stride into the room and tell their patient exactly what’s wrong with them and what they need to do to fix it. They listen. They uncover. And ultimately, they help the patient develop a deeper understanding about who they are, and the steps they need to take in order to more fully realize their identity and inspire personal growth.

Much like a therapist, our job is to bring clarity and purpose, helping our clients cogently articulate what they already know about themselves. Because, as important as it is to understand the client, their industry, their competitors and their company, it is even more important to help the client understand themselves. We do this by ensuring that every engagement includes an extensive discovery phase — an inclusive process that involves everyone at every level within the organization, as well as customers and other key stakeholders. We combine one-on-one interviews with larger brand workshops to uncover the why behind what they do and to prime them for positive change.

Ultimately, it falls on our shoulders to build out the brand architecture, bring to life the mission and vision, and provide actionable insights and a cohesive strategy that will deliver lasting success. But without close collaboration with everyone at every level of the organization, you will never build successful, purpose-driven brands. One of the biggest success metrics for a therapist is being able to disengage with your client, confident in the knowledge that you have armed them with the tools they need to continue their growth and evolution for years to come. Brand strategy is no different. What makes us feel successful in our work isn’t about seeing the short-term change, it’s looking back 5 years later and seeing the brands we’ve helped shape continue to grow and evolve using the tools we’ve given them.

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